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HUMOR: The ever-living spirit of Frank the opposum

For those that are strung out of hope for Belmont University’s adorable pet opossum, Frank, hope should be restored. As it turns out the creature is still alive.

Zach Gilchriest, a freshman at Belmont, wants to reassure the class of 2019.

“All the opossums on campus are Frank in some way or another. You know they represent Frank,” said Gilchriest

In other words, Frank is alive.

His spirit roams with us as we make our way to class.

Gilchriest started a petition to save Frank and, pretty soon, it had many supporters from Facebook. Initially he started it as a joke, but the petition got more attention each day. The class of 2019 came together for a cause it felt was necessary.

“It creates a sense of community. We’re all supporting this opossum together,” said Gilchriest.

The idea of naming an opossum began with Gilchriest. He spotted one and picked out the name inspired from “Parks and Recreation.” Soon after, multiple students on the class of 2019 Facebook page began posting the random sightings of Frank.

Lougan Bishop, social media and digital marketing specialist for the university, does not have the answer as to where that one specific opossum is. He only reported our dear friend to people who would take care of it, he said.

Enjoy the weekend with some knowledge and peace: Frank lives on.

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