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Letter from the editor: End of diversity series doesn’t mean end of diversity coverage

When the Vision staff began planning our diversity package a year ago, we had no idea the scope of the stories we would be able to tell or the magnitude of the response we would hear back.

As we’ve explored the unique experiences of students on campus, our writers and editors have had the chance to see both where Belmont’s populations are the most diverse and where diversity can be expanded and improved. We’ve been able to examine various issues of race, sexuality, interests, gender, disability and so much more.

While the official series ended for the semester with Rebecca Arnold’s piece on classes aiming to teach students more about diverse walks of life, this is certainly not the end of the Belmont Vision’s diversity coverage.

As our motto states, the Vision is here to report on the “student news and student views” on campus, and that’s an ongoing responsibility that will continue when we return to regular coverage in the fall semester and far beyond.

Thank you to everyone who has allowed us to share their stories and experiences, thank you to the on-campus leaders who have provided information as background to those experiences and thank you to everyone who have given us feedback on this series throughout the semester.

This project would not have been possible without the support of the Belmont community, and we look forward to continue covering the diverse students of Belmont in the future with your help.

As always, the Belmont Vision is readily accessible to all students in DAC 108. Feel free to drop in with story ideas or to speak with a staff member any weekday.

The stories:

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