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Meet the new Bruins: Emma Kate Liu

Freshman women’s golfer Emma Kate Liu has been playing golf since her freshman year of high school, but didn’t always enjoy the sport like she does today.

“It used to be so frustrating, but then I saw the character-building aspect of it,” Liu said. “Once I started to get better at it it got more fun.”

Liu appreciates golf for the way it teaches her to overcome obstacles, and said a big part of golf is learning how to respond to challenges in the moment.

“You could have one bad hole and you’re spending the next three hours making that up all because of one bad shot,” she said.

The Dallas native committed to Belmont because of how welcome the team made her feel, and because Belmont allowed her to pursue her nursing degree while playing a sport.

Liu was also drawn the Christian atmosphere in Nashville, and said she enjoys attending Bible studies and hanging out with friends when she’s not practicing or doing homework.

“There’s lots of good churches and good people; friendly people,” she said.

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