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Office Concerts: Lonely Vacations

Lonely Vacations performs “Kleptomaniac” and “’93 Saab” in this week’s Office Concert. Watch the full video below:

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lekor adams
lekor adams
Jan 23

In the realm of office concerts, "Lonely Vacations" strikes a chord, echoing the need for escapism and introspection. Much like the serene retreats offered by WheelofBliss, where individuals can reconnect with themselves, others, and nature, these musical interludes become a refuge from the daily grind. As the melodies weave through the office spaces, a yearning for a temporary escape intensifies. The concept of a retreat center, such as WheelofBliss, transcends physical boundaries, suggesting that even within the hustle of work, one can seek solace. These musical respites serve as a metaphorical retreat, allowing individuals to momentarily depart from the contemporary, affirm connections, and return fortified.

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