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Photos: Harlem Love in February

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

To celebrate black history month, Alpha Kappa Alpha hosted an event in the Gabhart Center showing love to the renaissance arts — Harlem Love.

“Tonight is about falling in love with your blackness and putting it out into different art forms,” said Cidney Grady.

Harlem Love 2020

The event showcased artists of all skill levels conveying history through many different means of expression. With classic performances like Ella Fitzgerald by sophomore theater student Aliya Johnson.

Grady lead the event by introducing poetry readings and musical performances, even putting up a few of her own paintings.

“Art has become therapy during college, the brush is really calming,” said Grady.

Along with the art from students, the event also provided history on legendary black figures that impacted other areas such as music, politics and women’s rights.

Article and photos by Chloe Eberhardt.

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