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SGA activity suspended until further notice

The Student Government Association’s organizational activity has been suspended until further notice, according to an email obtained by the Vision and sent to members of the organization.

According to the message sent by Director of Student Engagement and Leadership Development Amy Coles, the suspension is due “to the recent and ongoing issues pertaining to SGA” and goes into effect immediately.

However, “Student Engagement and Leadership Development will meet with the newly elected President and Vice President” to discuss the reinstatement of the organization and discuss the upcoming inauguration, according to the same email.

“I would say that in light of recent events, it’s important for SGA as an organization to band together and focus on goals and refocus its eyes on students,” said representative and vice presidential candidate Jade Cooper.

“Jonathan and I look forward to representing student body and continuing to refocus SGA where it should be. Hopefully, we can do that as soon as the inauguration goes through and SGA is reinstated to full functional ability.”

In his statement to the Vision, Associate Provost and Dean of Students Dr. Jeffery Burgin said that the decision was made to create a better environment for student activity within the organization.

“Recently, conversations and the functionality of the Belmont University SGA have been difficult. Recognizing that SGA elections are taking place soon, and the need to provide the most productive environment for SGA interactions, the university determined that it was in the best interest of the SGA to postpone any additional SGA meetings or activities until after the election of new officers. Grant petitions and other actions necessary in creating an optimal student environment will be honored,” he said in the statement.

Elections will be held as previously scheduled, with polls opening on March 25 and closing on March 27.

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