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SGA debriefs week of events at Monday meeting

Student Government Association debriefed its week of events for space reallocation and discussed its new top down approach to forming legislation at its meeting Monday.

“I think our turnout wasn’t as much as we expected, but I think it was still a good meeting because we had a lot of great things that were said,” said President Jonathan Rankin.

SGA will vote on a recommendation soon, and Rankin will request a meeting with senior leadership where cabinet will present the various proposals, he said.

For the remainder of the year, SGA continues its goals for grant petitions.

“I can’t spend this money alone,” said treasurer Chris Dickerson. “I need all of you to go out and tell the organizations you’re in or that you have contact with that we have $50,000 to do what we want with.”

The next grant petition deadline is Wednesday.

As well as promoting grant petitions, SGA mentioned new possibilities for legislation including but not limited to the following: fine-tuning the credit hour policy, activating the “what if” planning portion in DegreeWorks, increasing access to the Wedgewood Academic Center and improving the basketball seating reservation process.

The approach in which SGA writes legislation will change from writing legislation and bringing recommendations to leadership to speaking with senior leadership first and then framing legislation based on those conversations, said McLean Pillon, director of policy review.

Because of the increased amount of time this new approach will take, Pillon told congress not to “judge this legislation on the quantity that’s coming through but by the quality.”

SGA’s next meeting is Nov. 30 in WAC 1034.

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