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SGA passes first pieces of legislation in Monday meeting

Belmont SGA passed its first legislation of the year in its first meeting back from the American Student Government Association conference, and started talks of reevaluating the SGA constitution.

The two pieces of legislation both concerned on-campus housing — the firstfocused on installing a Brita water filter in the Horrell Hall lobby, while the secondproposed a change to Russell residents’ meal plan requirements.

Based on suggestions from SGA’s student suggestion box, the resolution would offer students living in Russell the option of a five-swipe meal plan versus the eight-swipe meal plan currently required.

Both pieces of legislation passed by a large majority.

The first bills passing is a big first step for SGA, though President Shania Jones said she hopes to have at least five new pieces of legislation proposed at every future meeting.

Revisions of the current SGA constitution are also currently in the works to make the 17-page document more concise.

SGA’s Director of Policy Review Frederica Solomon is looking forward to the new constitution.

“I’m just excited for it to be more efficient, more precise. Just clearer,” Solomon said.

The first step in amending the constitution is reading through the entire current constitution and picking out parts that are repetitive or outdated, Solomon said.

While legislation was the focus of Monday’s meeting, in SGA’s Sept. 25 meeting, Finance Committee Chair Gavin Mummert announced that the committee had awarded its first grant petitions of the year.

About $5,500 was awarded to seven student organizations: the National Association for Music Education, Belmont Equestrian Club, Belmont Up ‘til Dawn, Criminal Law Society, Hispanic Student Association, Rugby Club and the International Justice Mission.

Mummert said he was glad to be able to help several student organizations so early in the year.

“We’re trying to provide as much help as we possibly can, and I think right now we’re doing a pretty good job,” he said.

In the Sept. 25 meeting, Outreach and Events committee Chair Devyn Duerig also announced the first dates for SGA’s recurring Coffee and Conversation events. The first — focusing on Bruin Books — is set for Wednesday, Duerig said.

The next Coffee and Conversations will be held Nov. 1 and will focus on Campus Security, while the third will be held Nov. 15 and will focus on general SGA inquiries.

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This article written by Caroline Cathey. 

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