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Spring Break travel tips

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Spring break is right around the corner, and the recent cancellation of many academic spring break and mission trips may leave you wondering what to do.

There are plenty of other options to plan a last minute spring break trip with your friends and still have the time of your life!

If you’re still in the planning phases and have the ability, you may also want to consider staying in Nashville to help in the tornado relief efforts. Whether you’ve called Nashville home for six months or your entire life, the community here would likely do the same for you in a heartbeat. To keep up with volunteer opportunities throughout the next few weeks, sign up for updates through Hands On Nashville.

For Finding Your Trip

Kayak’s “Anywhere” Feature

Kayak is a favorite for travelers on a budget because it compares every flight to and from an airport on a given day. For the more adventurous, you can set your dates and price range and hit “anywhere” and it’ll show you all the places you can go in your budget. Right now you could book flights to Austin, Tampa, Orlando, Las Vegas, Denver or New York from Nashville’s airport for under $200 round trip!

Join a Friend

If a friend is just going home for break and thinks they’ll be bored, see if you can tag along! You’ll see somewhere you haven’t before for the price of gas, and they’ll get to be a tourist in their hometown — it’s a win-win!

Day trips

Instead of planning an elaborate week-long trip, consider breaking it up into day trips within driving distance of Nashville! Chattanooga, Memphis and Louisville are all reasonable with plenty to do, and you could hit all three without having to pay for lodging if you spend nights here in Nashville in between.

Be a tourist here

Have you ever toured the Ryman? Gone to the Country Music Hall of Fame? Laid around in any of our numerous parks? Now that you have a break you can finally take a chance to really explore the city you get to call home.

General Travel Tips

Pack light

You can wear jeans twice (or more) on vacation just like you do at home. Nothing really changes. Save that space and travel with just a carry on if possible to save time and money. Pre plan your outfits for your trip.


You and a group of friends can find cheap lodging using AirBnB. It costs less than a hotel and is available even in more remote places.


With the Flu and coronavirus making headlines, it’s always a great idea to bring some hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and tissues for when you sneeze. There’s no time to get sick with two months left of school.

Making the Best of Your Trip

Ask A Local

Sometimes you can find the best restaurants and activities just by asking a local. They know the town better than you and can help steer you in the right direction. Don’t be afraid of being annoying, plenty of people see asking them as a form of flattery!

Go With the Flow

As great as it is to have a detailed itinerary, sometimes the best way to plan your vacation time is to pick an area you want to explore and make a rough list of the places you want to see there. Nothing ruins the fun faster than having to worry about being late, so skip the stress and let a bit of spontaneity rule.


You picked this last minute city for a reason, so go explore what they have to offer! Spend time at a local museum, a boardwalk, the beach, street fairs or at whatever is happening around town that week. Searching local events in that city on the internet can help with planning excursions.

Have Fun

A last minute vacation is meant to be spontaneous and fun. Make the best out of your trip by exploring, laughing with your friends and making new memories.

Article by Tina James and Katie Knipper.

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