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Students close-knit

The art of knitting might not be a long-lost pastime at Belmont.

If you take a look into many of the residence halls, you can sometimes see little groups of people knitting and chatting.

“It is a very social thing and being able to create things is really cool,” said Eli Wynn, who discovered knitting through his friends last semester.

Students enjoy knitting for more reasons than just making something to wear.

“I like knitting because it is really relaxing, but you feel really productive at the same time,” said Hillary Bridges, who has recently been reintroduced to the hobby.

Students like to make all kinds of things — hats, gloves, scarves and even blankets.

They can even give their products different patterns and designs.

“I like knitting hats because you can get them done quickly, and also you can put pretty intricate patterns in them,” longtime knitter Molly Shankles said.

Knitting is something that anyone, male or female, can participate in.

“There is no shame in knitting; you can make some really cool stuff,” Wynn said.

There seems to be a bond between those who practice the art of knitting. Many stick together like bikers and they say they have an immediate connection. For example, knitting can give a person a reason to start a conversation with someone.  Whether it is over what they made or what they are making, a knitter can instantly relate to the other person, they say.

“It’s kind of like a subculture,” Shankles said.

Knitting techniques can be easily picked up by watching a video on YouTube, but many prefer to learn from their friends.

“Learning with people is much better than sitting in your room trying to watch a grandma teach you on YouTube,” Bridges said.

All three of them agreed YouTube videos do help, but having friends teach you is still the best way to pick up the art of knitting.

“And really, your knitting creation is all one long strand that is organized really well. You’re basically just tying a very intricate knot,” Wynn said.

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