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Tattoo Tuesday: Drew Polischak

“I grew up listening to punk music, so it was always guys covered in tattoos with beards. That’s kind of what I idolized for a very long time.

“I like tattoos, because it’s art. That’s all it is. Your body is a canvas, and you’re allowed to express how you feel about a certain thing. If something’s important to you, or even if it’s not, if you want to get a deer because deers look cool or if you want a star or a smiley face. Tattoos are just something you can define yourself by.

“I don’t see people putting down artists for anything other than art on people’s bodies. I mean, you don’t see people judging other people’s work saying that it’s dumb or unprofessional unless it’s on their body. I just think it’s ridiculous.”

Drew Polischak, freshman

This article is part of a weekly series hosted by the Belmont Vision, reported by Nina Kim. Check back every Tuesday for a new student tattoo and the story behind it.

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