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The Results Are In: Rising Seniors Will Get Housing

No rising seniors will be kicked out of on-campus housing next semester. 


“It wasn't something we knew going into it.... We were able to get the best outcome we could hope for, but it wasn't guaranteed,” said Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life, Anthony Donovan. 


Rising seniors were told earlier this semester they would need to enter a lottery to qualify for on-campus housing.  


There was no guarantee that all seniors would be accepted. 


This decision came with backlash and protests from some students. 


Belmont announced Friday that no one was turned away. 


“We are delighted to share that we will not be limiting the number of seniors in this year’s process, as we are able to accommodate the number of seniors who completed the application by the deadline,” said Belmont Residence Life in a statement sent out to students. 


The reason: fewer upperclassmen applied with 43% of seniors and 68% of juniors applying for the fall of 2024. 


In the past year, as many as 83% of seniors and juniors have applied for on-campus housing, Donovan said. 


“The whole point of the process was to get a sense of what the demand was going to be. So that we would know if we had to take some more significant steps in a different direction,” said Donovan. 


Rising seniors will now enter into the same process as in previous years with the housing draw occurring on April 2-5. 


“Seniors will receive the same priority as they have in past years, receiving the earliest draw times (draw times are randomly generated and assigned within each classification). Draw times and more communication will be released on March 27,” ResLife said in the statement. 


Student Government Association President Carter Barnett, who has had discussions with  Donovan, was relieved to hear the news. 


“While I know the lottery caused an undue burden for the student body, I’m so happy that everyone who entered the lottery will receive housing,” he said in a statement. 


Jules Webb, a participant in protests earlier this semester with Belmont Evictions was pleased by the announcement from Belmont. 


“I was elated in a way. I really appreciated this change in direction and I'm grateful for it. And I'm also really grateful for everyone who helped make this possible by raising their voices. And I think that the students absolutely should take some credit for this decision being made because if not for us, raising our voices the administration probably would not have changed course,” said Webb. 


While some students are relieved, Belmont Evictions members are concerned about the potential of another housing lottery in the future. 


“We were happy for this decision, but we need to be guaranteed that this won't happen again,” said Ocean Ozari a sophomore illustration major and supporter of Belmont Evictions. “We want to advocate for housing and making sure it is guaranteed for everyone.” 


But Donovan couldn’t guarantee that. 


“I would like to house as many people as possible, our intent is to prepare people to be living successfully independently of both their families and the university eventually,” Donovan said. 


Housing draw times will be announced on March 27. 


This article was written by Braden Simmons

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