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UPDATE: New parking decals will be out this week

UPDATE: Campus Security received updated parking decals Wednesday. They will distribute the new throughout the next week on campus.

Residents in Pembroke, Patton, Heron and Hail halls who have registered for decals can pick them up at Patton Hall on Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Residents in Wright/Maddox and Potter halls can pick up their passes at the same time in the Wright/Maddox lobby, and students who live at Kennedy, Hillside, Bruin Hills, Dickens and Belmont Commons will be able to on Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Thrailkill lobby.

Commuter students can pick up decals Friday in the Beaman Student Life Center from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and faculty and staff can do the same at any time at the Office of Campus Security.

FROM TUESDAY: Belmont Campus Security hopes they will can start issuing parking decals by the end of the week after they stopped distributing them earlier this month.

The new decals are currently printing and, if everything goes well, will be on campus to hand out by the end of the week, said Mark Pruitt, the administrative major for campus security.

Pruitt said the school had an issue with elements of the decal prints they ordered from proofs earlier in the summer. The company who made them, one Pruitt said the school has worked with for years, was willing to take the originals back and make new ones that matched the technical design the university wanted.

“When we got the decals, they weren’t the same as the proofs,” he said. “Something was wrong once we got looking.”

Those initial parking passes were handed out by Belmont officials before the semester started and pulled from distribution days before classes started. Because of the switch, all students, faculty and staff with vehicles on campus will have to get a new decal, even if they already received one before the semester began.

“They’ll be issued the same number, but it’s just so all the decals would be the same,” Pruitt said.

Redoing the decals also meant that Campus Security could not issue any citations to cars with expired or no stickers. That hasn’t meant every vehicular violation has gotten a pass though, Pruitt said.

“Everything else, we’re still writing,” he said.

Even though the new stickers aren’t ready to distribute yet, people can still register for the decals before they get here. To do so, go to BIC and click on “Online Vehicle and Bicycle Registration.”

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