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Urban Pop Showcase preview: Monica Moser

Tuesday’s Urban Pop Showcase preview is junior Monica Moser.

“I’ve always gone to the showcases, and I thought it would be a cool opportunity to perform for the school and be able to share my music with more than just my friends,” Moser said.

Moser felt that being a singer-songwriter influenced her indie-pop music. Although she writes mainly folk music, she enjoys making more upbeat, pop songs as well. Her lyrical and acoustic style added different elements she believed set her apart from other artists at the showcase.

“The showcase is going to be a really diverse group of people performing, and I think it’ll appeal to a lot of people,” she said.

Playing along with Moser at the showcase are Jaxon Hargove on lead electric guitar, Haylee Paige on bass, Katie Etchart and Kendall Diver as background vocals, Spencer Hurst on piano, Kelly Hagan on violin and Will Hass on drums.

She released her first EP “Human Heart” during December of 2013. She plans to finish her next EP in the upcoming weeks and will share it on Noisetrade in November.

This article was written by Brooklyn Penn.

Photo: Shelby Goldsmith

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