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VIDEO: BU students march, bond with Vandy band

Belmont students are known for their wide variety of talent when it comes to musical ability and the variety of bands and choirs the school provides. However, the school’s music department lacks one element others have – a marching band.

That’s where Vanderbilt’s Spirit of Gold Marching Band steps in.

“We recruit Belmont students so that they are able to continue their love for the marching band while also meeting new people at a different university,” said Dr. Dwayne Sagen, director of Vanderbilt’s marching band.

Because balancing two schools varying schedules can be difficult for the Belmont band members, Vanderbilt found a way to make the system work.

“Everything at Belmont comes first,” he said.

Several band members from Belmont said they enjoy being part of Spirit of Gold partly because they can continue marching throughout college, but also because of the people they have met.

Because of the overwhelming feeling of camaraderie and family, Sagan said there is no rivalry between the members of the two schools on the field.

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