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Belmont blazes past Ohio with Cade Tyson buzzer-beater

One second.

That’s how long it took freshman forward Cade Tyson to down a three-point buzzer beater and defeat Ohio University 70-69 at the Curb Event Center Monday night.

As Tyson’s jumper hit the bottom of the net, students stormed the court, surrounding the 6’7 swingman.

“I haven’t all the way calmed down yet,” Tyson said. “I haven’t ever experienced anything like that, but I love how the fanbase jumped in there and my teammates on my back. I love it, it’s great.”

Ohio outlasted Belmont 92-80 in game one of the 2021-22 season and the Bruins were hungry for revenge as they took the court this year.

Missed shots and shaky defense by the Bruins allowed Ohio to take an early 15-6 lead but Belmont quickly got the momentum rolling in its favor.

And they did just that as freshman guard Ja’Kobi Gillespie blocked a jump shot by Bobcat guard Ajay Sheldon.

Redshirt freshman Isaiah Walker grabbed the defensive rebound, allowing graduate forward Drew Friberg to make Belmont’s first three-pointer of the game.

The Bruins stayed alive as senior guard Ben Sheppard and junior center Even Brauns each connected with a field goal to tighten the score.

After a layup from Sheppard, assisted by Gillespie, the game was tied up 15-all with 11 minutes remaining in the half.

Staying in his groove, Friberg downed another three-pointer to give the Bruins the lead.

Drew Friberg on the court against Ohio. Landen Secrest/Belmont Vision

On the defensive side, Brauns was tasked with guarding Bobcat star Dwight Wilson III.

Despite the challenge, the 6’9 center dominated by producing several key blocks to prevent Wilson and the Bobcats from scoring.

“He was big for us,” Belmont head coach Casey Alexander said. “I thought he played with a lot of fight and want to. Several blocked shots, altered shots off the ball, it’s just the kind of plays he can make.”

Fresh off the bench, Tyson caught fire late in the first half.

And with just under three minutes remaining, the freshman made a massive dunk and extended the Bruin lead 34-28.

The Bobcats responded with two-straight threes to tie the game, but Sheppard reclaimed the lead with a layup.

After a dunk from Friberg, the Bruins headed to the locker room with a 41-34 lead.

Belmont returned to the floor in the second half on fire as Gillespie provided a floater and Sheppard landed a three to extend the Bruin lead to 12.

The Bobcats continued to push and after several shots from Wilson and Ohio forward AJ Clayton, the visitors tightened the score 48-40.

Belmont maintained its lead for the next 13 minutes but was unable to comfortably put the Bobcats away as both teams continued to score.

But with just over two minutes remaining, Ohio threatened a comeback.

After a Belmont timeout with 28.8 seconds left to play, Sheppard missed a three and allowed Ohio’s Ben Roderick to get the rebound.

From there, Clayton, assisted by Brown, splashed a three-pointer to give Ohio a 69-67 lead.


With one second remaining, Tyson shoots from behind the arc.

“1.1 is plenty of time to run a play and give a shot,” Alexander said. “And, Cade, the two reasons I gave him that call is because number one, it was his man that made the shot on the previous possession, and I knew he was mad about it and wanted a chance to redeem himself. And the second one is that he’s a tough kid that plays with a lot of confidence.”

Tyson and Sheppard were the leading scorers for the Bruins with 18 points as the team shot 49.1% in the field and 28% from three.

Double figure points also came from Friberg and Gillespie with 11.

Brauns led the team with an impressive five blocks.

“Proud of our team. A lot of good against a lot of obstacles,” Alexander said. “We found a way to hold on until the bitter end.”

After a thrilling season opener, the Bruins will hit the road for Greenville, South Carolina to face Furman University on Friday night.

PHOTO Freshman forward Cade Tyson celebrates with teammates and fans after sinking the game-winning shot at the buzzer. Landen Secrest/Belmont Vision

This article was written by A.J. Wuest

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