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Belmont Global Fair Showcases Study Abroad Opportunities

From New York City to Seoul, South Korea, Belmont study abroad takes students to over 50 different cities around the globe in a variety of programs.

“If you can’t be gone a whole semester from campus, a short term program is still an option because you’re taking Belmont classes on those programs, too,” study abroad adviser Jennie Steinfeld said.

The Belmont Global Fair on Monday had booths for every location and program available to students. Some students who previously studied abroad shared their experiences with other students at the fair. The options range from month-long summer trips to mini semesters in May, to a whole semester with Belmont faculty and students.

Housing options include apartments, on-campus accommodations, or host family stays, usually with another student.

Scholarships are available for everything from tuition to flights, Belmont student Gina Sisco said.

“There’s a couple of different scholarships available through Belmont, but also through providers like CIEE,” Sisco said. “I was awarded a flight scholarship so I got $1,000 off my flight.”

Even if a student does not get these scholarships, it can still be a cheaper option for some, said Belmont student Molly McHugh.

“I applied for a few scholarships, but I didn’t end up receiving any. But it still costs way less - substantially less, than tuition,” McHugh said.

Tuition on a maymester study abroad program can be two-thirds cheaper than at Belmont, which means for every three credit hours taken, it costs the same as one hour.

“The tuition discount is two-thirds, and if you look at the programs online, the program costs are posted,” Steinfeld said. “You can add in those different tuition amounts and see the total.”

Not only do students have the ability to travel to another country, but in most maymesters and summer programs, the school will pay for weekend excursions to other cities and sometimes other countries.

Sisco experienced many diverse, amazing things in South Korea, she said.

“There’s just everything to do. There’s exhibits, pop-ups, food, shopping, museums, mountains, everything. You can do anything,” Sisco said.

McHugh has gone to Aix en Provence, France; Florence, Italy; and London, England, and has been able to learn more about herself and the cultures in every location, she said.

“Being an art student and being in Florence was the most creative recharge I have ever had,” McHugh said.

Cost of living in some countries is also cheaper than in Nashville, Tennessee, making it possible for students to try different foods and discover more about local cultures.

“The food was amazing, you cannot get that anywhere else,” Sisco said.

Some students may be concerned about being so far from home. There are solutions to talking with family and friends back home, Sisco said.

“I was able to speak to my parents almost every day,” Sisco said. “I did have to get an eSIM card and a Korean phone number, so I couldn’t contact anyone on my normal line.”

Sisco said that the experience was worth every inconvenience.

“It has truly been the most influential experience that I have ever had. I have grown and changed in the most amazing ways,” Sisco said. “I wouldn’t have had that if I hadn’t had the opportunity to go abroad.”


This article was written by Maya Burney

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Billi Jean
Billi Jean
Oct 04, 2023

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