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Belmont Increases Class Credit Hour Limit to 18

Belmont University announced Wednesday afternoon that students will now be able to take up to max of 18 credit hours without extra costs.  


Starting in the Fall 2024 semester, students will now be considered full time students if they are taking 12-18 credit hours, allowing some students to take more classes and explore different paths and interests.  


“One of the key benefits of this change is that it allows students to complete their degree requirements within the traditional four-year timeframe without the concern of facing additional financial burdens if they need to take extra courses,” said provost David Gregory in an email Wednesday. 


Previously students would only be considered full-time if they were within the 12-16 hour limit and would have to go through a more rigorous process to be allowed to take more. 


Litzy Alvarenga, a freshman legal studies major, finds value in the new change for students looking to move into their careers.  


“For those that want to graduate early,” Alvarenga said. “They don’t have to pay an extra fee to get ahead.”  


With recent changes to the housing priority, this new decision gives hope to some students about the future of on-campus housing. 


“We would have more space in residential places, where we’ve had a big problem with that,” said Bryson Moore, a junior public relations major. 


The change in credit hours will give grace to students who need to retake classes, who have flipped majors and students who want to explore other major options. 


Fatema Aljaf, a sophomore nursing major, says she plans on using the increase as an opportunity and others should too. 


“Instead of feeling like they’re a semester behind and feeling embarrassed by it,” Aljaf said. 

“They can take this opportunity to work on themselves, do better and catch up.”  


Students will be able to see the full extent of this change when ClassFinder goes live later in the Spring semester.  


This article was written by Seth Thorpe

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wade ratke
wade ratke
Jun 11

Sophomore nursing major Fatema Aljaf says she and others should take advantage of the rise. gorilla tag

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