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Belmont’s production of “Sideshow” opens Friday

Belmont’s musical theatre department is inviting audiences to “come look at the freaks” in their production of the enthralling musical “Sideshow,” opening Friday.

Belmont musical theatre presents "Sideshow"

“Sideshow” follows the Hilton sisters, a talented pair of conjoined twins, on their quest to find love, acceptance and fame.

But most importantly, Daisy and Violet Hilton just want a life like everybody else’s.

“‘Sideshow’ is, at its heart, about belonging,” said David Shamburger, the director of the show. “Ultimately we all want to belong. We want to be a part of something, no matter what that is.”

The musical’s vaudeville show tunes, epic dance numbers and tragic subject matter all combine to tell a captivating redemption story of twins deemed different.

The show opens with a spectacular ensemble performance of “Come Look at the Freaks” that introduces the audience to the cast of strange and unfamiliar.

A bearded lady, a fortune teller and a three-legged man, among others, roam throughout the theater, seeming to bring the audience in as part of the cast of freakish characters.

“All of us, on some level, are freaks,” said Shamburger. “No matter what it is, we all have something we would rather not shine a light on in us. The only difference is that we in society can hide that whereas the freaks cannot – it’s on their exterior.”

Seniors Arden Taylor and Macy Medford are thrilled to be performing side by side as Daisy and Violet Hilton. Incredibly close outside of the show, they show off their special connection in their portrayal of the leading ladies.

“How many people get to play a conjoined twin, much less with their best friend?” Medford said.

“I think we can honestly read each other’s minds at this point,” Taylor added.

The duo’s heartfelt performance of “Who Will Love Me As I Am?” is one that everyone will be able to connect with, said Taylor.

The Hilton sisters find love in characters Terry Connor and Buddy Foster, played by fellow seniors Gabe Hoyer and Austin Querns.

But the lasting love is seen between the sisters themselves as they sing their breathtaking final duet, “I Will Never Leave You”.

“We all need someone to stick with us through life,” Shamburger said. “No matter what our faults are or what our freakishness is, we crave someone just to believe in us and accept us for who we are.”

The show opens Friday night at 7:30, with additional performances on Saturday and Sunday. For tickets, clickhere.

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This article written by Kendall Crawford

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