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Photo Story: Alive on the Lawn

On Monday night over in front of the Maddox Grand Atrium, a stage was set up under the evening sky. 


Tents were unfurled, outdoor games were set up and a hotdog stand giving out free food to attendees had students curious about what was going on. 


Bands came and performed, urning what is usually just a quiet walkway into a main event for the evening. 


The event featured Cam Gallagher and the Tasty Soul, Sheldon Smith, Cole Ritter and The Night Owls and Amelia Day. 


The artists performed for hours, getting the crowd involved and performing a variety of musical genres ranging from a jazzy ensemble to a folksier and country sound. 


The bands would also attempt to get the crowd involved with some call-and-responses during their sets, some covers of songs and even a drummer in an astronaut helmet.  


The drummer for the Cam Gallagher and the Tasty Soul keeps a steady beat, Braden Simmons

Students line up for a free refreshments, Braden Simmons

Sheldon Smith joins the other band and adds his vocals to their performance, Braden Simmons

Students lay out on the South Lawn, Braden Simmons

Cole Ritter and The Night Owls strum out their set for the crowd of attendees, Braden Simmons

Amelia Day sings out during a set of covers and originals with her band, Braden Simmons

This article was written by Braden Simmons

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