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"Belmont Story Review" Publishes 8th Volume

Belmont Story Review launch party, Zach Watkins

The eighth volume of “Belmont Story Review” is now available for purchase, offering a deep look into the power of relationships and how they affect the people that form them.

With an acceptance rate of about .01%, the prestige garnered by the “Belmont Story Review” in its eight years is a testament to the power of one of the only established undergraduate publishing programs in the United States.

“Literary journals themselves are important because they are a gateway for newer authors to enter. Publishing houses, especially like the big five publishing houses, get 1000s and 1000s of submissions from hopeful authors, and they simply don't have the time or the resources,” said Sophie Slusher, co-managing editor of the magazine.

With its theme of “kinship,” this year’s magazine is a collection of 10 literary works selected from over 900 submissions from professional authors, professors and novelists across the nation.

“You can find that sense of belonging really anywhere. Not any of the two pieces are similar and so they are all very different representations of the same sense of kinship,” said El Wilson, one of the Social Media Coordinators.

From poems of admiration to the stories of a human's unrequited relationship with a crocodile, this edition covers a spectrum of ways in which dynamics of relationships can be shaped, sized and cut off.

“Whether they are familial, or romantic or just a connection you have with someone... it’s all about how someone else's life is impacting others,” said Journey Mathewson, co-manager of the “Belmont Story Review.”

This volume acts as a beautiful reminder of the power of relationships in your life, and after a year of hard work, Belmont's publishing majors gained experience in their field and get to see their work shared with the masses.

This edition of “Belmont Story Review” was released on Wednesday and can be found at:


This article was written by Zach Watkins

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