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‘Can’t Wake Up’ from the Apache Relay fever

What do 2 Chainz and The Apache Relay have in common? It’s that both artists performed in Nashville on Saturday, April 12.

The only difference is that The Apache Relay show was sold out.

Performing at Marathon Music Works’ Spring Block Party sponsored by Lightning 100, the band rocked out in front of a crowd of 2,500 fans, who were only armed with koozies and a desire to dance.

Performing as the second-to-last band on the bill, The Apache Relay brought it to the next level after a killer set by psychedelic groovesmiths, Sol Cat.

The band played a combination of tracks from both their debut record, “American Nomad,” and their newest self-titled LP, which is to be released April 22 allowing the audience t to experience firsthand the old and new sounds of The Apache Relay.

The indie rock Nashvillians performed for about thirty minutes, giving the audience an excellent set with heavy rockers mixed with the perfect balance of ballads.

Each band member was on point during the set. Guitarist Mike Harris’ pinch harmonics mixed with the crooning of vocalist Michael Ford gave the set a warm, feel-good attitude, much like the weather that evening.

That was nothing, however, compared to the musicianship displayed by Apache’s Kellen Wenrich. Switching back and forth between keyboards and fiddle during almost every song, Wenrich encouraged the crowd to get lost in the music.

The Apache Relay played hits such as “Can’t Wake Up,”  “Set Me Free,” and “Don’t Leave Me Now,” which the band recently released a music video for on Paste Magazine.

The band also performed their hit single “Katie Queen of Tennessee,” which will be on the new self-titled record, as well as a song that was written with collaborator Jonathan Rice.

The Apache Relay stole the show at the Spring Block Party, and were a strong opener for The Wild Feathers to close out the night.

Hey Apache, I have to disagree with you, there is a fever that’s keeping me up at night, and it’s not just me.

 It’s The Apache Relay fever.

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