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Fall festival serves as centerpiece of Belmont's Hope Summit

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Isaac Wetzel/Belmont Vision

A zip line, pumpkins and s’mores highlighted Hope Summit’s annual fall festival on a “Day to Dream.”

The festival, a central event for President Greg Jones’ annual Hope Summit, was held Wednesday on the main lawn. The festival boasted a big turnout on a day where students were not required to be on campus.

Delanie Foster, a junior media production major, couldn’t go to the events that occurred earlier in the week due to class conflicts, but made sure to come for the rides and giveaways on Wednesday.

“I definitely initially just came for the free breakfast but it's been nice to have a break,” she said.

Before the “Day to Dream,” the Hope Summit held panels for two days that primarily focused on “helping regions thrive.” These panels focused on different aspects of community such as creativity, storytelling and leadership.

Activities for students were spread across campus: live music could be heard near the bell tower, as well as a small crackling fire pit was set out for students to come and roast marshmallows and make s’mores.

A field of orange could be seen just a few yards away as the pumpkin patch was set out for students to select their very own pumpkin to paint.

Isaac Wetzel/Belmont Vision

Grace Liberty Goodman, a creative and entertainment industries major, thought the community involvement was refreshing for everyone involved.

“I think it's all about bringing people together, bringing everyone together. You know, to do fun activities,” she said. “I think the Hope Summit is for the administration, and also for bringing professors and the leaders together.”

Alisa Osborne, a sophomore public health major, was excited for the chance to spend time with friends and take a break from classes.

“I think the day off has given students a chance to have a break, build community and just have fun, while also, you know, being educated with the events that are going on,” she said.

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