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“Matilda” to show at TPAC Jan. 27-31

The classic story “Matilda,” written by Dennis Kelly with music and lyrics by Tim Minchin, is coming to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

The story, originally told by Roald Dahl, tells the story of a girl who uses her power of telekinesis to fight back against bullies at school and at home and reclaim a life of her own. The production won four Tony Awards and was TIME Magazine’s No. 1 show of 2013.

What sets this production apart is its integral incorporation of dance.

“We have 13 children in our show that require them to perform a lot of dance material that needs to be maintained throughout the tour. This is done through giving specific notes and having rehearsal as much as possible to keep the integrity of the show maintained as we travel from city to city,” said the production’s dance captain, Michael Jablonbski.

“Each individual actor is different, so it is my job especially with someone who does not have dance training to use every day movement to help tie in the dance choreography.”

The TPAC is bound to bring a wonderful performance to its audience. The focus on choreography will be interesting, and the fact it has won many awards should be a good indicator of the potential of the production.

The tour will stop in various cities across the United States from Jan. 12 through March 20, and the show will be in Nashville Jan. 27 through Jan. 31. Tickets are on sale at from $25 to $65 depending on seating.

Get your tickets now before they sell out; they’re going quick.

This article was written by Erik Gleim.

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