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Meet Landon Wolford and Jenna Drury: Belmont’s 2019 Homecoming king and queen

Landon Wolford

Landon Wolford, a senior public relations major, won homecoming king this Saturday during halftime at the men’s homecoming game.

Wolford was nominated by Belmont’s chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta, Belmont Ambassadors, the Public Relations Student Society and the third-year Resident Assistant community.

Wolford was surprised and honored when he was crowned king, he said.

“It was a cool way to tie up my time here at Belmont,” said Wolford.

After winning, Wolford was greeted with hugs and encouraging words.

His parents told him that whether or not he was crowned king, they were so proud of his involvement in the Belmont community, Wolford said.

Wolford has been a leader in the Belmont community ever since his sophomore year, when he took part in Towering Traditions. Serving has been a rewarding experience for him, he said.

“If you pour into your school, they’ll pour back into you,” said Wolford.

Wolford has built close relationships with the faculty and students in the organizations he’s involved with.

“Everyone is so willing to be available to one another,” said Wolford.

Because of his experiences at Belmont, Wolford has decided to pursue a career in higher education so he can continue to serve other communities, he said.

Jenna Drury

Jenna Drury, a senior business management major, is Belmont’s 2019 homecoming queen.

Drury was nominated by her sorority Kappa Alpha Theta, which she has been a member of for the last four years.

The event was even more special because Drury got to be on the court with some of her friends.

“It was an honor to stand out there with those people and to win,” said Drury.

The very first community she was involved in was her residence hall, but she quickly got involved in a variety of other organizations.

Along with Theta, Drury has been a part of Bruin Recruiters, Towering Traditions, the Dean’s Advisory Council, a Young Life Bible study, orientation council and summer staff.

“I’m a senior now, so I’m ancient,” Drury said, “I’ve done a little bit of everything.”

Now, as a senior, Drury has the opportunity to watch younger students step up and carry on the legacy she started.

“I have the space to sit back and see the school that I got to influence,” said Drury.

After graduation, Drury hopes to stay in Nashville and is considering pursuing higher education.

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