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Meet the new Bruin: Aaron Schnell

Freshman Aaron Schnell from Indianapolis has been playing baseball since he was 7 or 8.

“My parents signed me up for tee ball at the local YMCA and that’s kind of what got it all started,” said Schnell.

Schnell now plays outfield for the Belmont baseball team as number 35.

“Nashville is just a great city. Belmont’s an awesome academic institution as well as a great baseball program,” said Schnell. “I thought that it would be a great opportunity for me as an individual to not only get an education, but also have a great time playing baseball.”

Although his major is currently undecided, he has narrowed it down to one area.

“Right now I’m thinking something business-oriented, possibly a double major with accounting and finance,” said Schnell.

When he isn’t playing baseball or doing computer and software related things, Schnell enjoys staying active.

“I love just playing anything sports related. Whether it’s throwing the football around or just going and playing pick-up basketball,” said Schnell.

This post was written by Chaney Mitchell

Photo courtesy: Belmont Athletics

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