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Meet the new Bruin: Grace Whalen

Grace Whalen started playing soccer competitively in fifth or sixth grade. In her first game of the season at Belmont, Whalen managed to score a goal against Lipscomb.

Whalen came to Belmont for a camp, but two weeks later she received offers to come to Belmont as a student. Whalen committed to attend Belmont at the beginning of her junior year of high school.

“I didn’t really know much about the whole recruiting process or really anything about soccer in college,” she said. “It all happened too quickly for me.”

Whalen is excited about where the women’s soccer team is headed this season.

“We’re on the uphill now. We got our two-game winning streak right now, so we’re trying to keep that up,” said Whalen.

At Belmont, Whalen loves the camaraderie of the soccer team. Her favorite thing since coming to school has been “having these people already surrounding you when you come into school and just having people there for you all the time,” she said.

Whalen enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones when she is not on the field. At home, she loves to hang out with her family and go to the lake in her home state of Kentucky.

Soccer practice keeps Whalen busy six days a week, making it a little difficult to get to know the city and explore Nashville.

“I haven’t really gotten the opportunity to go out, but we’ll see,” she said.

Catch Whalen wearing No. 14 during women’s soccer games this season.

This article was written by Emily Allen. Photo courtesy of Belmont Athletics.

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