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Meghan Hickok and Kristin Callahan inaugurated as SGA president and vice president

Meghan Hickok and Kristin Callahan were inaugurated as the new Student Government Association president and vice president Monday night.

“Congratulations to Meghan and Kristin on their victory. I am certainly looking forward to their future,” said Dr. John Deloney, the dean of students and faculty adviser for SGA.

Hickok and Callahan were elected to office in February. They were sworn in by former President Gavin Mummert and Vice President Mohansingh Udhwani Jr., who agreed back in January to cut their terms short in order to switch to a calendar year election cycle.

In their terms as president and vice president, Hickok and Callahan have big plans for SGA and for the students of Belmont.

“Let me tell you Belmont, we have a lot in store for you in our term,” said Callahan.

Hickok feels that the future of SGA is bright with, she said

“I could not be more honored to anticipate the season of growth we are about to enter.”

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This article written by Abigail Bowen.

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