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New Food Options Open on Belmont's Campus this Fall

Sample of the Slim + Husky's Belmont menu, Elisabeth Gage.

With the new school year comes two new campus dining options for students and faculty.

Slim + Husky’s, a local chain serving pizza, cinnamon rolls and wings, is in the Janet Ayers Academic Center and Bruin Bites, which features an all-day breakfast and lunch menu, is in the new Jack C. Massey Center.

Slim + Husky’s, which opened the day before school started replacing Burrito Bowl, was co-founded by Belmont alumnus EJ Reed.

“It’s such a kind of surreal feeling to be here,” said Reed. "For this moment to be full circle is such a beautiful feeling.”

Patrons visit the new Slim + Husky's at Belmont University, Elisabeth Gage

This Slim + Husky’s features Belmont-exclusive chicken wings with different sauce flavors: Buffalo Soldiers, Lemon Pepper Steppers and Salt N Peppas. Belmont’s location is one out of three that offer chicken wings.

For senior Manar Albadran, who has been to a Slim + Husky’s before, the wings are worth ordering.

“It was good,” said Albadran. “I would get it again if I was craving wings and I was on campus.”

Slim + Husky’s is not the only new restaurant-style dining experience on campus this year. Bruin Bites also opened its doors on the first floor of the Massey Center.

Bruin Bites features a variety of pastries and sweets, all-day breakfast sandwiches, a lunch menu and drink menu with coffee beans locally sourced from 8th & Roast.

“I was kind of excited that there was another option besides Starbucks,” said senior Spencer Dovi.

Bruin Bites offers a daily selection of pastries, Elisabeth Gage.

Dovi said he appreciated that the eatery respected his wallet. He ordered a latte and caprese sandwich for around $10.

Belmont senior Grace Garrett was also impressed that she could pick up food for later without spending too much.

“I got two full meals for under $13; I got a to-go salad for later,” said Garrett.

A sample of the Bruin Bites lunch menu, Elisabeth Gage.

While to-go meals can be ordered from both Slim + Husky’s and Bruin Bites, prepackaged meals can also be purchased from new vending machines located in Patton and Caldwell halls.

The vending machines currently accept debit and credit cards and will begin to accept dining dollars in the near future, according to the Belmont Dining Instagram post.

The machine keeps track of what the customer takes then self-sanitizes at the end of each transaction.

To find the hours of dining operation, visit


This article was written by Elisabeth Gage.

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