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Office of Security issues warning on possible off-campus sexual assault

A female Belmont student reported to the Metropolitan Nashville Police that she believes she was drugged and might have been sexually assaulted over the weekend, according to a campus security email sent out Tuesday.

The student told Metro Police she was with people she knew at Limelight on Woodland Street early Sunday morning when she was lost consciousness, Metro Police Public Affairs Manager Don Aaron said.

The student reported she was taken against her will to another residence off-campus where the assault may have taken place, according to the Campus Security email.

“At the residence, the female student believes she may have been sexually assaulted—potentially by another student who was present—while under the influence of the aforementioned drugs,” the email read.

Metro police is investigating the incident. In the meantime, students should take steps to keep each other and the campus community safe, Cunningham said.

“The key is to one, be aware that these things happen. Two, not accept drinks from people you don’t know, and use the buddy system,” said Cunningham.

The alert also included a reminder on the definition sexual consent, which “must be clear and unambiguous for each participant at every stage of a sexual encounter.”

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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