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On Beat: Kevin Bull Jr.

Kevin Bull Jr. playing with his band, courtesy of Kevin Bull Jr.

In elementary school, Kevin Bull Jr. and his classmates picked out instruments for their orchestra class.

Some chose the violin, the cello or the viola, but Bull saw an instrument patiently sitting in the corner that grabbed his attention: the upright bass.

As he began to practice and perform in elementary and middle school orchestra, Bull realized he wanted something louder.

He found just that in the electric bass.

The band’s composition takes an uncommon approach: it’s lead by the bass.

With Bull as the lead singer and the bassist, he thinks the band’s timing is a lot smoother, which makes them stand out against other groups, he said.

“Me and my drummer, Ryan, are really tight on timing, and having bass, drums and vocals so tight like that is huge.”

Bull isn’t the flashiest player, he said. But that isn’t what the bass is about.

“It’s about, how does the riff hit? How does it make you feel? If it starts a mosh pit or something you did something right.”

The band’s topical focus invokes themes of anti-conformity and individualism, he said.

A lot of this lyricism comes from Bull’s life, such as his dad’s experience as a police officer during the Jan. 6 riots at the United States Capitol or the issues of police brutality in 2020.

Kevin Bull Jr. and his band will be performing two songs, “My Cloud” and “Back to Human” at the Belmont Vision Office Concert.

“My Cloud” is a song everyone can listen to, Bull said.

“It’s like one of our most universal songs - even my grandma can listen to it.”

The song is where Bull learned how to make a strong chorus, he said.

Bull combines his rock style with pop influences while also venturing into experimental vocals and instrumentals with the song “Back to Human.”


This article was written by Ben Burton

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