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On Beat: The Mountain Babes

The Mountain Babes, courtesy of Caroline Boord

Pop music, anger and a little bit of slay.

This is how the Mountain Babes describe their sound.

“In our music, we talk a lot about systematic things and also just other things that have happened in our lives,” said singer and songwriter for the Mountain Babes Jane Pampillonia.

Pampillonia said that the first person she felt comfortable writing with was her co-writer and guitarist for the Mountain Babes, Caroline, “Caro” Boord.

Both express that before meeting each other, they were often undermined by men in the music industry and struggled to find others to write with.

They met at the beginning of their freshman year and discovered their common goals and interests. From then on, they worked together under a pseudonym that would later become their official name.

The Mountain Babes.

“Caro just gets me at the end of the day. Our music taste was really similar, and we met each other and we were like ‘oh, we get it,’” Pampillonia said.

One of the duo’s music-making values is that everyone’s opinion is heard.

“We work with a lot of different people, and we always take their input into account,” Pampillonia said.

The duo also has another primary focus for their band beyond simply making great music - and that’s to have fun.

While they take the band seriously, the Mountain Babes make sure to not be too serious, where it takes away from the fun of being in a band.

At a show in September, the band dressed up as people from the reality TV show “Jersey Shore.”

After a lengthy explanation of other run-on jokes the band has committed to while performing, Pampillonia said that music should always be fun.

“You should always enjoy what you’re doing, especially when we’re pouring our hearts into our songs, so we try to keep it light,” Boord said.

Another shared value of the band is that the members of the band should be good people and should add value to the group.

“You can so tell when a band is comfortable with each other. I think our music sounds better when we are working with people that we love,” Boord said.

In doing this, the band can perform well together, and it helps the creative process run smoothly.


This article was written by Ben Burton

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