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PHOTO STORY: Bands Rock the Packed Massey Center

Belmont University kicked off the first Saturday of the year in the Massey Performing Arts Center with the Battle of the Bands Showcase featuring a surprise appearance from Bruiser.

Kevin Bull Jr. and his band bring the crowd to their feet.

The battle between bands Exley, STITCHEZ, Brightback and Kevin Bull Jr. featured rock-inspired tunes with tones ranging from more mellow and introspective to hot and angsty.

After the four headliners performed, the main guitarists from each band came forth to showcase their guitar playing in a contest. Bruiser danced his way on to the stage to aid host Daniel Mazzerina in announcing the first Belmont Showcase winner of the school year: Kevin Bull Jr. and his bandmates, Reece Bittner, Ryan Maguire and Ethan Merry.

Bull Jr. will now compete in April in the Best of the Best Showcase.

The next concert in the series is the Christian Showcase on Oct. 7.

Belmont students packed in to the Massey Center.

Daniel Mazzerina gets the crowd ready for The Battle of the Bands.

Exley kicks off the showcase with their rocking setlist.

STITCHEZ brings out the "angst" and gets everyone on their feet.

STITCHEZ shakes the house and brings the crowd back to their feet.

Brightback come out with a more mellow sound that makes the crowd sway.

Brightback guitarists play at each other as they solo between their setlist.

Guitarists from the four headliners come together to shred.

Reece Bittner shreds on his pink guitar during the guitar playing contest.

Bruiser aids Daniel Mazzerina in announcing the winner with a drumroll.

Kevin Bull Jr. and his band storm the stage to accept their victory.

This article was written and photographed by Braden Simmons and Joanna Walden

This article was edited to correct a date error.

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