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PHOTOS: 2014 Christian Showcase

On Saturday, Christian Showcase kicked off the first in this year’s annual showcase series, to spotlight four bands whose message aligns with the Christian faith.

The audience crowded in the Curb Event Center to listen and praise to the music of The Orchadist, Like Rain, Taylor Agan and Constellations.

The Orchardist started the showcase off with a bang by playing a rolicking set of folk-rock ballads. After two original songs, they had the audience on their feet for a their driving cover of “Resurrect Me” by John Forman.

Next up, Like Rain brought their own energy to the stage. Leading members Kauland Buchanan and Sarah Rademaker jammed to spacious guitars and powerful percussive force.

Following a brief interlude highlighting the work of showcase sponsor Both Hands, musical commune Taylor Agan brought life back into the arena with the weight of their nine-member band.

The final artist of the night, Constellations, had the audience on the feet as they rocked their own brand of Sigur Ros, U2-infused worship music. With the first of the Showcase Series off with a bang, remember Urban/ Pop showcase will be Oct. 4. in the Curb Event Center.

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