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PREVIEW: "The Cake" is served at TPAC

Image courtesy of TPAC

Complete with theatre magic and tons of baked goods, “The Cake” is ready to blow audiences away as the second show of TPAC’s season.

Showing Oct. 21st through Oct. 30th, "The Cake," comes to the Andrew Johnson Theatre in the Tennesse Performing Arts Center blasting its message of acceptance to all it can reach.

The story follows Dela, whose legendary bakery gets her to compete in the Great American Baking Show. When her best friend's daughter reveals that she is marrying another woman and wants her to make the cake, Dela is tasked with finding the strength it takes to overcome long-held beliefs.

It is “the most personal play I have ever directed, and I am so excited to share this story with our Nashville audience," said director Lauren Shouse.

The show is filled "with humor, baking show warmth and a story that opens conversations about how we can move beyond our inherited shame to find common ground and build empathy,” Shouse said.

TPAC is proud to present a show with such a message, especially in the south.

“We firmly believe it is the role of nonprofit theatres like Nashville Rep to present thought-provoking work like The Cake and other shows that will not typically tour outside of New York," said Drew Ogle, executive director of Nashville Repertory Theatre.

"The Cake" is a show that mixes not only egg, butter and flour but also the power of love and its ability to push through boundaries once thought to be immovable. Grab a slice before it closes on Oct. 30.

This story was written by Zach Watkins

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