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Queen Bey gets the ultimate crown: students react to Beyoncé's Grammy win

Photo: @beyonce on Instagram

The 2023 Grammy Awards featured music’s biggest stars like Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Lizzo and Adele, but one person overshadowed them all.


She may have arrived late due to traffic, but when Queen Bey took the stage to accept her award, she showed the audience that she is that girl.

Her soul can’t be broken, but she will always break records.

Before the show, conductor Georg Solti held the record for the most Grammys with 31.

By the end of the night, Beyoncé had broken that record with 32 by winning the Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic Music Album for “Renaissance.”

When Beyoncé made history, single ladies all around the world put their hands up in happiness.

Senior Marcus Knight was also unable to contain his excitement.

“I personally am so excited. I’m always excited when an artist is recognized for really good work,” Knight said. “She is one of the most iconic and longstanding artists for our generation.”

Overall, Beyoncé took home four awards: Best Dance/Electronic Music Album, Best R&B Song, Best Dance Recording and Best Traditional R&B Performance.

For freshman Grace Eschbach, Beyoncé deserved every win and to break the record.

“I respect her heavily as an artist. I did get a tad bit emotional because it was so neat to watch that history. I feel like all her wins were deserved,” Eschbach said.

While Beyoncé may have won four awards, she lost to Harry Styles’ “Harry’s House” for Album of the Year, Bonnie Raitt’s “Just Like That” for Song of the Year, and Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” for Record of the Year.

Knight believes this brings up a greater question about the Grammys.

“Beyoncé is one of the greatest entertainers of all time. A lot of people, especially people in her beehive, are saying that is constantly snubbed,” Knight said. “She never gets Album of the Year, yet she’s the most Grammy-winning artist ever. There’s something about her proving herself time and time again but not being recognized.”

But he won’t let his disappointment stop him from enjoying the moment.

Knight said he’s excited to see an African American singer break the record, especially during Black History Month, because of music’s ties to African American culture.

“I know how much culture is derived and created from Black culture from R&B and rap to gospel and rock,” Knight said. “There’s always an element of culture involved that derives from Black artists, Black music and Black art.”

This article was written by Ty Wellemeyer

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