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"Rave Lucid" Review

Photo courtesy of Mazelfreten

Combining the energetic awe of club dancing with the formatting of classic concert dance, "Rave Lucid" wowed audiences with its artistic fusion and fun. 


"Rave Lucid," a show from French dance company Mazelfreten, arrived in Nashville at OZ Arts, reminding local audiences of the importance of broadening their artistic vision. 


When people think of dance, they think of fluid movements, elegant arms, and poised positions.  


"Rave Lucid" challenges that mindset.  


Born from the style of whacking and the energetic nature of the club scene, Mazelfreten, the French-based electro dance company, captured the magic of community and craze with their tribute to rave culture. 


Oz arts, a local destination for all things contemporary art and new age performances hosted this group, creating a perfect pairing and showing the importance of a diverse array of art to choose from. 


As the show opened and the dancers emerged from the wings it was instantly clear that this show would be unlike anything Nashville audiences had seen before. 

Contemporary costumes, pedestrian movements and an almost personable approach to interacting with the audience all characterized this show as more than just something you watch. 


This show's physicality cannot be denied, as the dancers' entire bodies were used to produce the intense and sharp movements that make up the hour-and-half-long performance. To say it was a marathon is an understatement. 


Chanting was incorporated through the fast-paced choreography and added a sense of opportunity for the audience to fall deeper into the world of raving they brought to Nashville. 


Choreographers Brandon Masele and Laura Defretin, whose last names merged to create the dance companies' persona, are world class electro and hip-hop dancers whose work has been revered across the world.  


Between the two, they have created a masterpiece of narrative that explores the relationships between each other and the things we love in a world that moves faster than anyone can grasp, all while set to a score of thumping house music. 


The high-octane show left the audience with no choice but to erupt in applause as the final dancer disappeared back into the darkness from where they emerged.  


"Rave Lucid" was a masterclass in storytelling but above that was an amazing view into the dance world that most people will never see. 


While Mazelfreten may be onto their next city, new and exciting performances can always be seen at OZ. 


This article was written by Zach Watkins

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