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REVIEW: ‘Moving Stories’ recital showcases talents of dance students

With a packed house come showtime, the “Moving Stories” recital from Belmont’s Department of Theatre and Dance showcased the diverse talents of dance students at the Troutt Theater Friday night.

The showcase featured 11 modern-inspired dances each choreographed by a different student.

Junior audio engineering major Rachel Kolibas choreographed the piece “In This Shirt.”

“As long as I’ve been dancing I’ve never gotten to do it completely my way, my rules. So I liked that aspect, because that meant that I was completely free with it,” said Kolibas.

While the showcase had plenty of impressive battements and lengthy pirouette sequences, “Moving Stories” also came with some less traditional numbers. Brandon Hoyt, a junior at Belmont, choreographed and performed his number “Place Me.” The piece opened and closed with the sound of wind blowing and ended with a passage of spoken word.

Adding to the creative freedoms the choreographers were given, each piece had its own unique lighting and costumes carefully chosen by the choreographers.

Some dances included props as well. Sabrina Smith choreographed and performed in her dance “That’s Plenty” that took on a more theatrical, jazz-based rendition of modern dance. Smith elegantly danced around and on top of colorful wooden boxes.

The stories told through the performances were engaging and technically advanced, causing the show’s hour-long runtime to fly past.

Another performance of “Moving Stories” will be free for students to see at the Troutt Theater on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

This article written by Lauren Busch. Photo by Rick Malkin, courtesy of Belmont University Department Theatre and Dance.

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