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Rick Byrd: more than just a coach

Rick Byrd and his Bruins have touched many students on Belmont’s campus. Here are just a few.

Alexander Roth, sophomore audio engineering technology major

“He served Belmont well. It’s been 33 years. I can’t think of anyone else that’s been in their job for 33 years. Good on him.”

Students reflect on Rick Byrd

Dev Bhavsar, sophomore multimedia production and graphic design major

“Good things are ahead, it just depends on the legacy he leaves behind.”

Jake Paddison (left), sophomore entrepreneurship and economics double major

“He’s been our identity for the past 33 to 34 years. Our program has been based around him and what he wants to do, so we have to find a new identity.”

Nate Miles (right), sophomore music business major

“We have a lot of young talent, we just have to find somebody who knows what to do. They’re going to have to find someone who can keep that going.”

Students reflect on Rick Byrd

Marysa Richardson, junior commercial piano major

“They will keep going.”

And of course, students brought up the legendary sweater vest.

Katelyn Bosse, senior exercise science major

“When I came in my freshman year, he was wearing the red sweater vest at every game.”

Students reflect on Rick Byrd

Jake Paddison, sophomore entrepreneurship and economics double major

“I went to Lipscomb Academy and I would always see him on the other sideline in the sweater vest, then I came here and I was used to it.”

Photos and reporting by Chloe Eberhardt and Laura Privott. Featured image by Carina Eudy. 

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