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SENIOR STAFF PICKS: Favorite Tourist Trap

Nashville is filled with tourists all throughout the year, and there is no shortage of things to do. This week, we asked our senior staff what their favorite tourist trap is in Music City.

Sarah Maninger (Editor): Downtown Franklin

On a weekend, Downtown Franklin might be considered a tourist trap, but it’s still a great, easy getaway from Nashville. Now that it’s fall again, I love heading down Franklin Pike for a country drive and ending up at The Coffee House at Second and Bridge. It’s a great spot for a much-needed caffeine boost and is the only café I can study in without getting super distracted. After that essay is submitted to Blackboard, head over to GRAY’S on Main for a hearty meal. Cap off the day with a stroll through the neighborhoods to take in the changing leaves.

David Pang (Managing Editor): The Parthenon/Centennial Park

For some reason, it’s surreal to me that I live right next to the Parthenon, well, Parthenon replica, I should say. It gets busy with bachelorette groups sometimes and the trolly tours are always making rotating stops. But something about the Greek structure in the middle of Nashville fascinates me. Unfortunately, if you want a selfie with Athena, you’ll have to pay a fee to go inside the museum. All the tourists go inside the Parthenon, but if you’re looking for a simple photo opportunity, all you need is a picture of the outside. There is plenty of grass to kick a ball or throw a frisbee around. Centennial Park’s mile loop is also perfect for a morning run. With all the hubbub surrounding the Parthenon itself, there is still so much to do at Centennial Park to avoid the tourists and enjoy some time outside.

A.J. Wuest (Sports Editor): Broadway

When it comes to Nashville tourism, Broadway is the holy Mecca. Resembling the likes of New Orleans’ infamous Bourbon Street or Memphis’ Beale Street, Broadway is Nashville’s twangy street to have a good time. While most native Nashvillians avoid it at all costs, I must admit that it is quite a guilty pleasure for me. Broadway is undoubtedly known for its bars and live country music, but it honestly has something to offer everybody. One of my favorite spots on Broadway is probably Nashville Underground, which is owned by respected pop icon Gavin DeGraw. What makes Nashville Underground different than most bars is that it has an arcade with bowling, basketball and much more! It also has three or four different dance floors, including a rooftop, where you can listen to the very talented disc jockeys do their thing! And don’t even get me started on those overpriced, yet delicious, street gyros! Broadway is a blast -- as long as you’re not commuting through it!

Isaac Wetzel (Photo Editor): 12 South

In the fall season, nothing warms me up on a cool day more than the crowds of 12 South. The hallowed street is the closest taste of commercial Nashville that you can get. Something about felt fedoras and loaded shopping bags give the autumn breeze a sweet, superficial aroma to it. If you do not mind sifting through racks of expensive vintage apparel or navigating around the crowded sidewalks, there is a pumpkin and a cold brew waiting for you somewhere.

Lillie Burke (Social Media Editor): The Wings ™

I have only one set plan in life: on my final day living in Nashville, before I embark upon my journey to wherever my next destination may be, I am going to go to the Gulch to take a photo with The Wings. (You know the ones.) I will never not laugh at the never-ending line of tourists waiting giddily to sorority-squat in front of that angelic mural... But one day, I, too, will wait in that long, long line, blood pumping with excitement, to finally be initiated — or perhaps baptized is the better word — as a true Nashvillian.

Braden Simmons (Senior News Writer): Broadway

When looking for a one stop shop for large crowds, bachelorette party buses, teens on scooters, and barely discernable country music: look no further than Broadway. While not exactly a place that I want to go back to it has a certain magic that separates it from any other Nashville attraction. It’s worth visiting at least once but maybe not twice...

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