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Seven local green businesses you’ve overlooked

As a college student it can be easy to go a week without leaving campus. When you have all of the resources surrounding you, why go off campus?

Businesses in Nashville are becoming more aware of the need for sustainability. Next time you venture off campus for stocking up on supplies or to try a new activity, it will be worth your while to check out these local green companies.

Urban Green Lab

Urban Green Lab is the primary nonprofit for improving the health of our city through sustainability. The organization’s programs are available for all ages, and they teach how to incorporate green practices into everyday life. Workshops range from green building to urban gardening and conserving resources. If you are interested in learning why it is important to live “green” or simply enjoy various workshops, you will not regret visiting Urban Green Lab.

Team Green Adventures

Calling all outdoorsy types – Team Green Adventures focuses on encouraging people to spend more time in the great outdoors of Middle Tennessee. They believe appreciating nature and outdoor sports will lead the community to care more for the environment. Team Green partners with Urban Green Lab in an “Engage Green” series of workshops to spotlight more local green businesses and teach the community on various topics, including brewing your own beer and how to recycle everything from clothes to tires. Sign up for one of Team Green’s hikes or climbing classes and you may be on your way to caring more for the environment.

Bridgestone Americas

Most students have found their way to Bridgestone Arena at least once, but many do not know about the sustainable practices of Bridgestone Americas. Bridgestone’s “One Team, One Planet” program focuses on valuing natural resources and reducing C02 emissions by improving the efficiency in the way tires are produced. You can get involved by joining Bridgestone in a tire cleanup at watersheds and rivers or by recycling your tires to Bridgestone free of charge.

Gardens of Babylon

Whether you live off campus and tend to a garden or you simply enjoy buying fresh flowers for your dorm, you should choose Gardens of Babylon for your support. Gardens of Babylon practices sustainable lawn care by selecting products that are safe for the water quality in the community and for the plants you grow. The gardening company offers lawn services to prevent you from over-using a lawn mower as well. One gas mower running for an hour emits the same pollutants as eight cars driving 55 mph for the same amount of time. Reduce your carbon footprint by learning more about how Gardens of Babylon can help you in your backyard, or buy flowers and produce to support their efforts.

Thistle Farms

Not only does Thistle Farms help the environment by creating natural bath and body products, but the women who run the business also need jobs and the experience of learning job skills. The all-natural products are made without toxic chemicals and are a better choice for your health and skin.

The Green Wagon

If you want to use the best green products but hate ordering from different vendors online, The Green Wagon will save you time and money. The Green Wagon is strict in the vendors they select, and as a result, they offer only the best, healthiest green home, bath, makeup and cleaning products. Reduce shipping costs by stocking up on the same online products available at the Green Wagon store in Green Hills.

The Green Truck Moving Company

Before you choose just any moving company for moving off campus or into a new apartment, learn about the sustainable practices of the Green Truck Moving Company. After every move, The Green Truck plants two trees. The Green Truck also fuels trucks with bio-diesel, recycles all moving materials, and offers reusable moving containers.

Whether you have a need for any of these organizations or not, you can still support the green community by spreading the word about these great supporters of our earth.

This article was written by Kate Wilke.

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