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SGA meeting focuses on hurricane relief, DACA plans

In the midst of hurricane season and President Donald Trump’s DACA decision, Belmont SGA is planning to do what it can to help.

SGA President Shania Jones announced at Monday night’s SGA meeting that she’s creating a temporary “pressing issues committee” to raise funds for hurricane victims and offer support to DACA students.

“It’s serious to me. We want to help them out the best we can,” Jones said.

Jones plans to organize a benefit concert in the Massey Performing Arts Center for students whose families have been affected by hurricanes. Students will be charged a $5 entry fee that will go to a hurricane relief fund. Hurricane victims will be admitted for free.

“I know there are students who have lost their homes,” she said. “We are going to have the benefit, collect the money and then distribute it equally to everyone who needs it.”

The “pressing issues committee” is also going to show SGA’s support for Belmont DACA students with an open mic night to allow them to tell their stories.

“We have a congress member who is a part of DACA and she doesn’t know if she is going to be able to stay in America. I want people who are affected by this to know we care,” Jones said.

So far, dates have not been set for either event, however, Jones said she would like to hold the hurricane relief concert shortly after fall break and emphasized SGA’s support to both hurricane victims and DACA students.

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