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Student robbed outside Circle K

A female student was robbed outside Circle K Thursday morning, Campus Security said.

As an email alert sent this morning explains, the student was approached at 8:30 a.m. by a man who demanded that the student give him all of her money. The suspect implied he had a weapon and “reached for his waistband,” Campus Security said.

The suspect was described as “a black male in his mid-30’s, approximately 6’1 in height, wearing a purple buttoned shirt and pants,” said Campus Security. Metro Nashville Police Department has been notified.

Assistant Chief of Security Mark Labbé encourages students to trust their instincts in situations like these.

“If something feels unsafe, it probably is so get to a safe location and call Campus Security or MNPD immediately.”

Chief Labbé added that the student involved “did the right thing.”

“Nothing you have is more valuable than your life,” he said.

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