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The pants are high, the stakes are low

Left: Dr. Richard Hoffman. Right: Deen Entsminger. Melody Scott/Belmont Vision
Left: Dr. Richard Hoffman. Right: Deen Entsminger. Melody Scott/Belmont Vision

With the changing seasons comes the familiar transition from comfortable beachwear to cozy apparel, but for two Belmont professors, cold temperatures will not wreck their style. 

Dr. Deen Entsminger and Dr. Richard Hoffman, both School of Music professors, have a pact pledging to wear shorts for the entire fall semester. 

They’ve been having short-filled falls for a decade.

“Tell me, are you planning on wearing those again?” Entsminger said after seeing his colleague in shorts, breaking the business attire norm for professors. 

The duo encourages and excites each other through “mutual support.” There is no winner or loser. 

Entsminger and Hoffman plan to continue the challenge despite the incoming colder weather. This is where they say the support for each other will be the strongest. 

Their pact gives students something to talk about, Hoffman said, other than what they’re doing in class.

Entsminger tries to utilize the challenge as a way of engaging students.

 He uses the activity so “students don’t dismiss” the information that he has to share with them. 

“We don’t have to dress to impress,” Hoffman said. “I have a life outside. I have this other friend that I know, so it's not just this floating head that comes into class and does stuff.” 

Teaching is their profession. It’s not their entire life. 

“There’s more stuff going on in my life,” Hoffman said, “even if it’s kind of silly.”

This article was written by Cameron Lewis

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