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Women’s team defeats Tennessee State 70-58 after big fourth quarter

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

The women’s basketball team posted tough defense in the fourth quarter to come out with the 70-58 win against a tough Tennessee State team.

Senior Ellie Harmeyer exploded for 28 points and 18 boards, notching her 17th double-double of the season and leading her team to a third straight win.

Sophomore Conley Chin opened up the Bruins first possession with a corner three, but the Tigers followed quickly behind with a fast break two that quickly set their momentum for the half.

Women's Basketball vs Tennessee State University

Keeping up the pace, the Tigers took the lead at the 8 minute mark with a mid-jumper for two, then immediately followed by a steal to add another two at the other end of the floor making the score 9-5.

The Tigers were able to keep their lead extended thanks to multiple turnovers until Chin kept them within two after another three to go into the second quarter.

The Bruins shot for a rocky quarter going 5-19 from the field. Whereas the Tigers showed their stripes going 7-14 and forcing five turnovers.

Junior Madision Treece opened up the second quarter for the Bruins with a layup while drawing the foul to make it a 3-point play, but her contested play doesn’t seem to be enough to spark momentum in the Bruins.

The Tigers continued to find ways to outshine the Bruins on both ends of the floor by delivering with each posesion offensively and shutting the Bruins out on the other end of the floor and sending them into a 3 minute scoring drought.

Harmeyer and freshman Kiki Britzmann saved the half for the Bruins by leading them on a 7-0 run in the last minute to take lead over the Tigers with a score 32-31.

Although Belmont finished the half with five threes, their overall percentage showed just how much they struggled in the opening half. Going 10-34, the Bruins shot 29 percent.

The Bruins began the second half on a run, quickly putting up 8 points that forced the Tigers to use their first time out.

The Tigers seemed to benefit, as they came out with an immediate jumper and forced the Bruins to give up two straight turnovers and send them into another drought that brought the Tigers within two at 38-40.

Both teams kept it aggressive and productive for the remainder of the half, but the Bruins were able to hold on to the close lead of 51-46 at the end of the third quarter.

Harmeyer came alive this quarter with 9 points in the third, going 3-4 and notching her 17th double-double of the season.

Harmeyer continued to show up in the final quarter of the game, as she put up the first 5 points early and along with great Bruin defense, brought their lead to a comfortable 10 for the Tigers.

The Bruins continued to strengthen their offensive and defensive momentum as they held the Tigers to 12 points in the final quarter and shot over 50 percent to finish strong.

Although the Bruins were able to find a win, most of the game consisted of sloppy defensive mistakes that could have sent the game either way.

Heading into their next match up with Jacksonville State in just two day, head coach Bart Brooks is going to make it a point to improve their defensive performance come Saturday.

“We have to clean it up,” said Brooks. “Jacksonville State is a very good defensive team and if we want to stand a chance we can’t make silly mistakes.”

In their last game against Jacksonville State, Belmont took a big 19 point loss on the road that snapped their five-game win streak. They will take on the Gamecocks for the second game of the 2020 series at home in the Curb Event Center, tip off it set for 3 p.m..

Article by Julieann Challacombe. Photos by Bronte Lebo.

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