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Young Alumni Regents Selected to Board of Trustees

Belmont students and recent alumni have three representatives on the university’s Board of Trustees, known as Young Alumni Regents, or Board Regents.

Belmont alumni Keidron Turner, ’23, and Peter Geoly, ’22, will represent students and young alumni alongside Emily Falvey, ’18, in the regent position.

Regents do not have any voting power; however, they are allowed to serve on committees and provide feedback to the board.

Composed of up to 50 voting members, the board has several subgroups overseeing university operations including executive, academic affairs, athletics, audit, finance and investment, university mission, institutional advancement, nominating and evaluation and student formation committees.

Turner will serve in the regent position for three years and will begin his term on the Academic Affairs Committee.

“For me, I think the biggest goal that I have is just kind of using the position to communicate with students – especially our student orgs like SGA, SAPB – and let them know that this position is meant as a resource for them as a direct connection to the Board of Trustees,” Turner said.

Geoly, who will serve a two-year term, hopes to receive feedback from students and recent alumni about how the university is doing to fulfill its mission, values and vision, he said. He wants to connect with his constituents to address “the bigger board-level things that [he] can help get done and keep this campus as good of a spot as possible.”

He will begin his board regent service as a member of the Athletics Committee.

Geoly was invited to apply because of his campus involvement in Bruin Recruiters, University Catholic, BOLD and as a founding member of the Belmont Sports Administration Club.

Turner was invited to apply because of his involvement on campus and especially in Belmont’s Student Government Association.

“It’s been a very welcoming process,” Turner said. “The rest of the board, from Mr. Johnson to President Jones, have been really welcoming with having both of us on the board as members.”


This article was written by Tessa Pendleton

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