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Alpha Phi Alpha currently under suspension

Belmont’s newest fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, has been suspended by the university and will stay that way until its members meet with Provost Dr. Thomas Burns.

Burns could not comment on why the fraternity was suspended in the fall but said it came after an investigation.

As a suspended organization, they cannot meet or hold events on campus.

As the first step in ending the suspension, members will have to meet with Burns to talk about the situation and how to move forward.

“They haven’t met with me,” Burns said.

Chapter President Jordan Patrick did not respond to multiple requests for comment from the Vision. Alpha Phi Alpha faculty adviser Dr. Bernard Turner declined to comment and directed the Vision to Burns.

Burns reached out to Alpha Phi Alpha’s Regional Vice President Sylvester Wilson in January to try to move forward with ending the suspension.

Wilson could not be reached for comment by the Vision.

Alpha Phi Alpha became active at Belmont in 2016 when its first two members were initiated. It joined Belmont’s Phi Beta Sigma chapter as the university’s second historically black fraternity.

Former Dean of Students Dr. Jeffery Burgin — an Alpha Phi Alpha alumni — was instrumental in bringing the chapter to Belmont.

Though he resigned in November, Burns said the resignation had nothing to do with the fraternity’s suspension.

Burgin also declined to comment.

This suspension leaves just two active fraternities on campus, Phi Beta Sigma and Phi Kappa Tau.

Alpha Phi Alpha was not the only fraternity to come under university scrutiny this school year.

Last semester, Phi Tau was investigated by the university but was ultimately cleared. Alpha Tau Omega was investigated and lost university recognition.

Article written by Bronte Lebo and Melissa Kriz

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