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Baseball team repeats as talent show champs

A night of laughter, dance and music at the Curb Event Center Tuesday night could have easily been mistaken by a regular showcase at Belmont if not for the colorful costumes, funny choices of performances and comments about “hipsters” and other Belmont groups.

For the second straight year, the Student Athlete Advisory Committee its own talent showcase, the Battle of the Bruins, that included performances from every athletic team on campus. All proceeds went to the Nashville chapter of the Special Olympics.

The baseball team defended their title with renditions of what they called “your mom’s favorite 4-hour musical” – “The Sound of Music.” The performance included singing “Do-Re-Mi” and a “So Long, Farewell” that including several sluggers in drag.

The men’s basketball team finished second with a version of “Family Feud” that matched stereotypical Belmont athletes against their stereotypical hipster counterparts.

The softball team finished in third place with a sketch that might be best described as a 2012 in pop culture sketch, complete with “Gangham Style”, Taylor Swift and a “Titanic” rerelease.

Other sketches included:

  1. The cheerleaders and the golf team performing an interesting mix songs from Beyoncé to the Backstreet Boys.

  2. Next, the volleyball girls presenting their own rap with 12 back-up dancers.

  3. The Music City Miracle Choir following with their rendition of “My Girl and Glass,” receiving cheers and standing ovations from the crowd.

  4. The men’s soccer team inviting the audience to sing along to “Wagon Wheel” with a bit of spice by their rap man Diego Figueroa.

  5. The women’s tennis team performing a version of “Cups” complete with six players providing the background beat with Solo cups.

  6. The track and cross country teams’ performance set at a poetry reading night in Bongo Java. The poem? R. Kelly “Ignition,” which included deep verses such as “bounce-bounce-bounce-bounce-bounce-bounce-bounce.”

  7. The women’s basketball team bringing an acoustic mash-up including songs like “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child, TLC’s “No Scrubs” and Rita Ora’s “R.I.P.”

  8. The women’s soccer team cheering up one of their teammates while she traveled through a world of dance and music with her headphones.

  9. A leather jacket-clad men’s tennis team choreographed a series of boy band dances including “Bye, Bye, Bye” by ‘N Sync and “Everybody” by The Backstreet Boys.

  10. The women’s track and field and cross country team brought their own Beyoncé on stage and dance moves worth of a Destiny Child presentation.

The night ended with an encore performance by the Music City Miracle Choir where they were joined joined by all teams on stage.

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