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Behind the Bruin: Meeting "Mr. President"

Barnett in front of the main lawn fountain, courtesy of Carter Barnett

Basketball, leadership and service.  


These three things seemingly describe “Mr. President.” 


Or rather Carter Barnett, Belmont University’s Student Government Association President.  


“My goal as president was to be kind of the movie title of like ‘Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.’ Be everywhere, at as much stuff as I can go to as possible,” Barnett said. 


But beyond leading the charge on efforts, such as period products in women’s restrooms and conversations around Harrington Place Dining, Barnett seems to be more than just a figurehead.  


Painted white and red as the “G” in “Go Bruins” or dressed up in his best themed garb, it’s unusual to find Barnett not in the front row of every Bruin basketball game.  

Barnett courtside at "Battle of the Boulevard," courtesy of Carter Barnett's instagram


“Well, college basketball is kind of my thing,” Barnett said. 


Barnett’s ties to Belmont tip off way before his first day freshman year. 


In fact, his parents first met at Belmont and brought Barnett to games over the years.  


Looking beyond the arc at his campus involvement, Barnett leans into his role as a compassionate leader.  


“I've always just had a heart for advocacy and just making positive change on campus,” Barnett said. 


His drive for positive change has made him popular among the SGA senate. 


“He's very personable, which I really like,” junior SGA senator Olivia Patterson said.  


“I don't think anyone cares more about student government and about student government working with Belmont and helping Belmont and helping the students, than Carter does.” 


And one way in which Barnett has helped Belmont and its students is through the Period Product Pilot Program.  



SGA’s Period Product Pilot Program consists of stocking up multiple women’s restrooms around campus with free feminine hygiene products. 


“We've gotten really good data back from it already,” he said, beaming with pride and sporting his signature smile. 


“So hopefully it's something that becomes more of a permanent stance.” 


As a junior political science major, taking what he’s learned with him, and his passion for local government, Barnett hopes to run for elected office someday.  


But before the ballots at Belmont, Barnett’s interest in student government started in middle school.  


His true passion has always lied in advocating for student voices. 


“He's very dedicated to representing and accomplishing the interests of the student body and advocating for them as well, which is really admirable,” Patterson said. 


“He's very open with his leadership which I find admirable. He's always in the SGA office, and it's very open-door policy.” 


Not only is he passionate when serving his community, he also puts an emphasis on actively supporting students directly.  


Barnett is a president of the people, for the people.  


“He just has such a big heart for people and specifically people in the Belmont community and in the Nashville community,” Patterson said. 

This article was written by Abby Thomas

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