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Belmont announces plans for College of Medicine in partnership with HCA Healthcare

Belmont plans to include medical doctors among its next generation of alumni.

“I have no doubts that this program will produce the next generation of health care leaders,” said University President Dr. Bob Fisher.

The College of Medicine will seek accreditation from the Liaison committee on medical education to grant medical degrees here on Campus.

The partnership between Belmont University and HCA Healthcare will bring world-class expertise, extraordinary faculty instructors and a direct pathway for residency and clinical placements for its students, said Fisher.

Fisher was joined in the Baskin Center for the announcement of the college of medicine by  Belmont Board of Trust Chair Marty Dickens, HCA Healthcare executive Dr. Michael Cuffe and Milton Johnson, former HCA Healthcare chairman and current Belmont Board member. 

“We are very pleased to collaborate to support the founding of a medical college here on Belmont University and its pathway to LCME accreditation,” said Dr. Cuffe, HCA Healthcare executive.

“We believe we’re very well positioned to support you on this pathway. We’re the largest and most comprehensive health care system across the region. And I think that our facilities and our excellent medical staff are in a terrific position to support you over this journey.”

Johnson echoed the promise a college of medicine holds for Belmont University.

“Belmont is a perfect university to be seeking to open a new college of medicine,” said Johnson.

“This university has demonstrated its promise in graduate education, with the advent of doctoral programs in pharmacy, nursing and law in just the past 15 years.”

Fisher said he feels the addition of the College of Medicine is a natural step for the university with its established healthcare offerings in the pharmacy and nursing colleges.

“It’s not an easy step, but it’s characteristic of Belmont University to take on challenges and do big things, and do those things well,” said Fisher.

The next step for the college of medicine is to launch a nationwide search for a dean. Then that dean will begin the process to build the new college’s faculty, as well as secure the accreditation necessary to award medical doctorate degrees.

“There’s a buzz on this campus,” said Fisher. “There is so much going on here. Belmont, it’s a place for great ideas that generate that buzz.”

This article written by Madison Bowen. Contributory reporting by Abigail Bowen.

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